Social work support ...

The following are examples of some of the services that can be offered:

Core Assessments: using the Department of Health Assessment Framework (ISBN 0 11322 310 2) - Use of Assessment tools as deemed necessary and to suit the family's individual needs and problems. (ISBN 0 11322 426 5)

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Intensive Parenting Assessments:

  • Discussion with commissioning social worker to set the scene with background information, legal and child protection status, and agreeing a timescale.
  • Sessions undertaken within the family home.
  • Sessions can be undertaken in a Family Centre.
  • Sessions to include individual time with parent(s).
  • Sessions to include observations of parent(s) and child(ren).
  • Final assessment report based on the DoH Assessment Framework, and recommendations.



BAAF Form F adoption and fostering assessments:
- Completed within a timescale set by the customer.
- To include individual sessions with each parent.
- Some sessions to include both parents.
- To include individual sessions with each birth child.
- Completed Form F with recommendation.

Risk Assessments:
- Using the customer's assessment framework, or
- Using the BridgeALERT assessment tool.

Supervision of child(ren) and family contact sessions:
followed by written reports based on the 'Parenting Capacity' section of the Assessment Framework, and a final assessment report.

Comprehensive Court Reports and role as an Expert Witness:
Reports in respect of Section 8 Orders, Children Act 1989:
- Contact Order - an assessment as to the advisability of allowing the applicant to have contact with a child(ren).
- Residence Order - an assessment as to the capabilities of the applicant to provide appropriate care and to safeguard and promote the welfare of the child(ren) in question.

Life Story Work:
- Direct work with the child(ren).
- Training for foster carers on the importance of recording the child(ren)'s journey through the placement.

Child Permanence Report:
- background and life letters for adoption.

Carol is able to work with any family need irrespective of racial or national origin, colour or creed, single carers, married couples, reconstituted or extended families. She can provide that crucial additional help and support at times of staff shortage or in an emergency situation, whether it is in a local authority Social Services Department, private and voluntary organisations such as adoption and fostering agencies or children's residential establishments.