Part Time & Virtual Services ...

NED Solutions - we supply Professional Directors for small to medium and social enterprise organisations on a virtual or part time basis to mentor and grow a client's business.


  • We coexist with SMEs to provide virtual and or part time professional director resource that would not otherwise be affordable
  • Take ownership of client issues, identify supplier solutions providing external governance and guidance on behalf of the executive management team
  • We identify best practice suppliers of products and services on a national and regional level for the clients to select
  • Understand the internal culture and managing its sustainability with growth
  • Mentor and transform small companies into big companies
  • Investigate and instigate external stimulus for growth
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities introduced by growth
  • We understand Strategic management of technology and innovation

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Fundamentally we help businesses grow, reduce cost and manage change, by addressing:

  • The key issues, barriers and blockages facing your organisation
  • How to tackle your requirements effectively
  • The effects that tackling issues will have on other parts of the organisation
  • The consequences of not tackling them

NED professional accredited directors work with you as a part time resource and provide you with their services, when and where you require it.

NED provides an all-round solution to managing change and addressing challenges introduced by the complex world of business; we operate in all market sectors for clients with a turnover up to £100m

NED facilitate in two ways; firstly through the expertise of business professionals who can guide and mentor businesses and secondly through the introduction of carefully chosen Alliance Partners to provide those key bespoke solutions that are often so difficult to find

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