Maximise the potential of the Web
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We can help any organisation seeking to maximise the potential of the internet

No matter what the size of your company or organisation, your internet marketing campaigns are a critical part of your business development strategy.

We can help you build a professional website that converts visitors into customers and which is easy to update and expand. We can help with search engine optimisation so that your offering can easily be found.

We provide online internet marketing workshops so that you can keep up-to-date with the latest promotional techniques.

We can help with customer relationship management and show you how CRM and web marketing can work together, seamlessly.

We offer the latest digital media development to put your brochures online, and offering your customers the best possible viewing experience while making major savings in print and postage costs.



What does the Marketing System do?
The ssystem has been established by business people for business people. IRUN are business, sales and marketing professionals, who deliver internet business solutions for any organisation. We have specialised in the hospitality sector but cover all industry sectors.

What makes the System different?
From the beginning, IRUN set out with the sole intention of delivering outstanding support and value to business clients in the small to medium sized enterprise (SME) sector. Our clients are simply showered with 'value add' services.

We do this because we are obsessive about delivering value. The result? We deliver overwhelming customer service; our clients then become passionate advocates and are our best source of new business. Our vision is to become the market leading supplier of web and internet related services to the SME sector of the market in all territories in which IRUN operates.

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