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The Institute for Independent Business
Alan Gill has been accredited by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB) The IIB is a non profit-making, professional training and accreditation organisation, established to develop and maintain standards of business consultancy acceptable to independent business owners. The IIB has been established since 1984 and to date, over 5,000 professionals in 24 countries have been accredited by the Institute.

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To achieve IIB accreditation, consultants have to be suitably qualified and experienced, with a track record of success in their field of specialisation, but have also had additional training to apply the more general analytical approach required to provide local consultancy services to the independent business sector.

From research into the needs of the independent business sector carried out by the Institute, as well as by several academic institutions during the 1980's it became clear that small to medium sized businesses required not just information and articles, but also practical assistance in the form of hands-on help.


Practical support for SMEs
Unlike large organisations and corporations, many SMEs generally lack the resources to build a management team of professionals experienced across a range of business critical disciplines. In fact, the burden of maintaining and growing a successful independent business is generally limited to a very small number of owner directors / partners.

Business Information
The Institute has provided the growing base of accredited Executive Associates and independent business owners with access to a wealth of information normally beyond their reach including publications like Independent Business Today. This brings the independent business owner not only current topical information but also jargon-free academic research, information on new business techniques, and practical articles on training and personal development.

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