Online Feedback Service

The list below incorporates the most common concerns reported by owners or managing directors of small and medium sized companies in our area. If any of these issues are of concern to you, please mark the relevant boxes. Then click the 'Submit' button and we will make contact to suggest how we can help.
Accountants - services/ fees   Grants - availability/ access/how to apply Profitability - track/ manage/improve!
Advertising/PR - when/ how/who/costs   Health and safety Project management
Banking - services, charges   Import/Export Relocation
Building management/ facilities   Insurance Recruitment
Business strategy and planning   ISO 9000 Risk assessment
Computer systems/IT - who/how/costs/support   Leasing Sales policy/planning
Contract negotiation   Logistics Taxation - the rules, guidance/advice
Credit control - processes and staff   Marketing Time! Never enough time to .
Exit planning   Personnel management Training - management and staff
Expenses - tracking/ reduction   Product development VAT
Financial control/new or additional funding   Productivity - measure/ improve Wages and salaries administration
If you have any particular concerns not listed above, please give brief details below:  
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